Monday, August 5, 2013


Hi There!

I was once in a habit of spending hours and hours drawing flowers, especially roses. As I was growing up my parents noticed that, the one way to make me more determine to achieve something was to tell me I couldn't do something.  I never stopped trying until I proved that to be true for myself. However, occasionally I proved them wrong.  You can call that what you like, determination or stubbornness, they both work for me. 

Anyway even today I still love a challenge and often need one.  My friend got tired of seeing butterflies everywhere.  She asked if I could draw a monkey?  I wasn't too sure.

And then I asked if that was a challenge?

And she said, 'Yes!'

And this was the result . . .

"Say Monkey!"

If you have time visit Debbie's Den and see some of my more recent artworks. Or you might like to leave me a challenge by writing a comment below. 


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