Friday, August 23, 2013

Focus on Ability

For those living with disabilities much of our lives focus around organizing support needs to maintain an active community life.  Its easy to lose sight of our achievements and abilities.  When life is focused on overcoming limitations, the shine of ability can be tainted.  

Events such as disability action week ( 8th to 13 th) September and International Day for People with Disabilities should not be about of limitation but about celebration and embracing life.  This year the Ipswich community had ditched the traditional free entertainment for those with disability in favor of an inclusive event for everyone.  We're gathering around the abilities of those living in the community. 

We believe everybody has the ability to shine at some level.  For some its in the area of advocacy, others like to entertain us through music song and dance. Many others shine on the sporting field and year well . . . we all know my passions lie in the arts.  Whatever your ability, whatever your skill level, maybe your just learning . . . that's cool! Your invited to come gather with us to focus on ability rather than disability!
Come Gather Around Ability!

26th September 2013

10 am to 1 pm

Browns Park, North Ipswich

Face Painting
Art Displays
Spotting Activities
Sporting displays
Heroes  to Meet
Food and Drinks 
Information to enable you
Fun no matter how old you are!  


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