Thursday, May 5, 2016

Deb's Soap Box

The bubble!
Life is lived from the safety of a bubble,
We can see and very the world,
Chose information we want to filter,
Select opions and media reports to adopt,
Without examining the truth for ourselves.
The safety of our bubble is all about us!
Our safety,
Our fears,
Our rights,
Our prilivages.
Our world and perceptions protected,
My believes, values, standard and morals,
In cased  by the invisible bubble,
Pretending to myself the world matters,
As long as it doesn't intrude into my bubble.
It hides the need of objectivity,
The importance to hear all arguments,
The need to question information resources,
And removes the need for personal experience.
In the bubble my ego is all that counts.
The bubble precedes the need to
Reach out and experienced the world for ourselves,
'The world' come to us . . .
Through screens . . . TV, Google, Facebook and email,
Filter by the bubble we create for ourselves.
The bubble is based on our really and needs,
Reality itself has no place,
My reality overrides all truth.
I am right - don't question me.
My safety dependent in on the bubble I created.
Debbie Chilton © Copyrights 2016

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