Sunday, June 19, 2016

In The Octopus' Garden

I long to be under the sea . . .
. . . in the Octopus' Garden  . . .

Opening Night
24th June @ 6pm

Drawing Point Gallery
(Arttime, 203 Brisbane Street Ipswich)
Parking at the rear of the building.

My solo exhibition presents a fantasy underwater world
using greens, purples and blues with a few other colour thrown in to prove I can live dangerously.

Water for me invites a feeling of freedom.

This collection of work was produced during
the heat of the summer months which I think
largely determined my colour Platte.

The feeling of swimming in water gives me
the sensation of freedom.
Its is while swimming my body experiences
the freedom of weightlessness.
Freeing me from the restrictions of movement
I experience as a result of cerebral palsy.

Although my mind never truly stops the
process of creating, being embody in water
makes me feel like anything is possible.

It is this belief 'that anything is possible',
the drives my passion for using art to connect
my local community. Art has the powerful
ability to break down barriers and speak to
people from all walks of life,

It gives a voice to the voiceless
and healing to the broken.

I am a artists that identifies with disability.
In the main my work is pretty much mainstream,
with the use of strong colours appealing to me.
I am currently a student at the Brisbane Institute
of Art,  where I am refining my artistic skills.

This is my second exhibition hosted at
the Drawing Point Gallery
in my hometown of Ipswich.

Recently I had the opportunity to
show my work at the
Off The Wall Gallery
in St Peter's Sydney.

I am one of about 200 emerging
artists the takes part in the
Brisbane Rotary Art Specular.

I have sold my work through numerous
art exhibitions across Ipswich and Brisbane.
My inclusion in the mainstream art community
shows anything is possible.

My work will be on show
at the Drawing Point Art Gallery
Until the 2nd of July.

Opened 9 am to 5 pm
Daily (except Sunday)

My works can also be purchased
online @ my esty store.

If you make it I hope you will enjoy!

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