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NDIS Planning Tools to get you started

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Your Eligible and Start-up Dates

Refer to NDIS Website

Your plan to take to a planer

Take a support person or Advocate there's a lot to remember

  • Goals need to be clearly stated (achievable, necessary and reasonable).
  • Know your starting point
  • Break your goals down into steps
  • Identify people to assist with each step
  • How important is that step (in the event the NDIA can't provide everything. They will not pay for things like studio hirer, gallery hirer, workshops or art supplies. Although they will provide funds to attend supported studio spaces. So writing arts grants and fundraising will continue to be part of you job as an artists.)
  • If you already have funding to support you art goals it good to tell the NDIA that.
Setting your goals tool 1

What is to be achieved
How this will be achieved
By whom
Resource allocation

How do you want your funds to be managed.

  • No change - the NDIA can pay my providers direct
  • I want to use a host provider to administrate my funding
  • I want some input into where my funds are directed.
  • I want to appoint a broker to manage my funds on my behalf
  • I want to self-manage
You need to be clear on this.  I have listed the management of my funding as a separate goal and included a back up and emergency plan.  This will go wrong.  This allows the NDIA to fully cost the administration costs involved in your plan.


Sample Plan

Begin your NDIS planning

What is to be achieved
How this will be achieved
By whom
Resource allocation
1. Lifestyle

1. Mobilty in the community.
2. Supported communication
REAL Community
Service Provider


2. Develop an independent visual arts practise with home studio.

This might be a goal of an emerging artists living with disability.

This goal is:

a. Continue to grow and develop art skills through participation in local workshops, offered by Access Arts, Flying Arts and Arts Connect.
b. Develop art work for competition and exhibition.
  Set up home studio
   Work with support staff to produce work.
c. Professional Development Program

d. Book gallery for exhibition (NB NDIA will not pay gallery fees, this is a costs to all artists) and plan opening night.

e. Develop a Business plan for my art practise

Arts Connect
Access Arts
Flying Arts
Support worker provided through Real Communities

Mum & Dad in the spare room at home.

Real Communities Support Workers
Access Arts

Access Arts

Mum & Dad
Real Communities Support Workers
Access Arts

Arts Mentor sourced through Access Arts

Real Communities Support Worker to attend appointments

5 Support one on one hrs per week

15 hrs one on one support per week.

Access Arts to develop support plan and provide costings.

A block of 20hrs support per exhibition from Real Communities

Mentor Costs
10 he support per month.






3. Holidays and recreations

Participate in ALARA Queensland Social Activities Program

ALARA Queensland

ALARA Queensland to provide quote


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