Monday, June 6, 2016


Opportunities Don't Happen We Create Them!

There are skills and things we can't learn about art by sitting in the classroom. I am most inspired when I spend time with other arts and spend time creating art with them. Often other artists enable us to see things from the perspective.

I was able to spend an 1hr with Lara from Wagga, Wagga while in Sydney.  Lara is an artist the breams with emuthasism  about her art practise.  Her passion drives her to share her 'art journey' with others.

Mieke is a textile artists I meet through volunteering with #Project Ipswich, Mieke was my team leader on this project and her daughter Kate joined the ArtISability team later in the year.

Mieke is the current artists in residence at Drawing Point Gallery,  Ipswich Art Time Supplies and is looking art the use of art in public spaces. You can roll in and catch her during her residency  until 17th June. 

So I'd encourage you all to get out an about to explore you opportunities today!


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