Thursday, June 16, 2016

Where is your logic?

The rights of all!

Frankly I don't give a dam about your rights,

If you need a gun, buy a gun. But I would

question if you think you need more than one!

Unless you use them for sport or hunting

or maybe you own a farm, I admit there is a need,

but I ask you to be responsible keep them,

under lock and key, when there not in use.

For in the wrong hands the a deadly,

In the hands of a depressed person or

someone psychic the become weapons of

mass destructions. We buy the message

our rights matter more because we abide the law.

Frankly I don't give a dam about your rights,

I care about the rights of children,

The right to an education without fear,

I care about the leaders of tomorrow,

I care about the freedom of speech and

the opportunity to express ideas and opinions,

without fear of judgement and condemnations,

I care about those so disillusion,

that the turn to the internet for answers,

becoming radicalised and trained to hate,

Where are there rights for freedom and protection,

there rights to be protected from access to guns.

Frankly I don't give a dam about your rights,

I not saying you can't or shouldn't,

I simply suggesting some people in the community

need protection - the kind of protection,

your guns can not provide for them.

What is more difficult? To put limits and safety nets

around, access to guns and gun ownership,

or to fight a faceless war online and lock down or

block out website that radicalisation.

We either find away to protect isolated youth,

from the dangers for cults and radicalisation,

or we make it harder to buy a gun.

We all have rights and the right to a future.

Debbie Chilton © Copyrights, 2016

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