Monday, July 25, 2016

A Fight For Freedom

Freedom from Perceptions

"Tears" (2016)
I have sold

Recently I had a graffiti wall light show

Through Off The Wall Gallery

St Peter's Sydney

Freedom from expressions is about using my 

art to challenge harden misconceptions.

"Hidden Beauty" (2016)

Mixed Media

Available Through

We Fear What We Do Not Know

"Going Japanese" (2016)
Mixed Water Media
Sorry this work has sold

Our fears too often are based on misconceptions,
or misinformation. The human race is great at
spreading generalisation

Causing mass fear and panic.
We cannot judge those you
live in fear
If we are honest
we often share those fears.

Fears let to grow
can destroy us inside
Hardening our hearts
Sowing seeds of hate.

take aim at the guilty
and the innocent.

To protect our freedom,
we want to judge others.
and ask questions later.

"Mysterious" (2016)
Watercolor on Paper
Available in store.

Inside each of us is beauty.
The potential to give joy,
and sow seeds of love.

But also
The potential to harbour hate,
To allow it to feaster and grow,
unlashing the power to destroy.

Many in our society are unbalanced.

"Madam" (2016)
Available online

Living on edge
one trigger away
From mass carnage.

"Angie" (2016)
Available online.

Faces or friends
and faces of foes,
can not predict,
the intention of anyone.

If you start looking everyone up
there will be no freedom
for anyone.

Then . . .

The terrorists have won!

"Freedom From Fear" (2016)
Mixed Media
Available online.

Let us fly with love!

for a mad rain of terror.

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