Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Chasing Dreams

Enlisting NDIS to chase your dreams

Life is a gift to be embraced.  I intend sucking every last inch, breath, and experience out of it. Why would anyone chose to waste it chasing a animation that only exists on a mobile photo screen is beyond me.  "Stop chasing Pokémon, start chasing you dreams." Marlena May Katene

I first heard "Marlena "speak" in 2013 at a National Leaders Conference and she has inspired me to
'live' my life every since. In my mind I had put my travelling days behind me.  Why because I have epilepsy a few rounds and debates with Marlena destroyed that feeble excuse. I've not lost my spirit for adventure.

I just need to put a little more creative thought into my travels.  Marlena has shown me that life is an adventure and one I am now enjoying!

Marlena has two degrees, a journalist, author and owns and runs two business.  Her voice box does not work. She speaks with facilitator communication or an electronic communication device.  She is not defined or confined by her diagnoses. Marlena is a truly unqinc individual for a thirst and passion for living.

Searching for Pokémon is not something I ever imagine her doing. She is to busy, running businesses, attending rock consents and booking overseas adventures, She sees herself as the female version of Molly Meldrum and her mentors are Lane Beachly and Richard Bradson, Its depressing when I reflect on the number of people her age that live with hopelessness with no desire to work.

Marlena has no time for excuses, (although many in her position would use some), she lives the life of a celebrity.  Other people including me use excuses.  People fine work hard to fine. . . Marlena has inspires me to create work for myself and employ others,

My hope for the NDIS is people with disabilities will show their creative ability to work outside the Centrelink boxes and create employment.  I hope we see the biggest boost to productivity we've ever scene.  Not because we're employing support workers, but because we're developing and running empires.  Goals set to low soon lose their attraction. Shooting for the starts mean we may over shoot the mood.

When we limited ourselves we also limit others.  People want to know what happens when people with disability fail . . . Talking of failure before they start really signifies the lack of willingness to empower people with disability.  No one asks what happens when they shine?  I see people with disabilities shine all the time. Comedian Stella Young often spoke of disability prorn .  People being great because they are people with disabilities doing ordinary stuff, like getting out of bed.  How patronizing?

It is not the kind of attention I want. I want to be inspiring because my work is extraordinary - the best of the best.  Not a medico artists who has a disability.  If you want success you need to earn it.  Up at sunrise to set up markets and out networking until three in the morning.  Disability or not that is the hours it takes to run a business.  Winging about pay rates won't get you no where. 

I hope the NDIS and restrycturong of the industry sees more people 'living life' rather than exsisting. The key objective of the NDIS is to enable people with disabilities to fully participate in life. That means living in the community, being employed, training and study. spot and recreation, international travel and creating their own businesses. 

Under the NDIS we can be supported to chase our dreams or continue to allow our disabilities to define us.

"Stop chasing Pokémon, start chasing you dreams." Marlena May Katene

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