Friday, July 15, 2016

Living My Best Life

Inside Octopus' Garden

Opportunities don't just happen we create them!

Yesterday I had the awesome privilege of assisting C.A.T.S (Community Transitional Services) with their documentary the 'NDIS and the Ipswich Community'. I have been involved with C.A.T.S. over the last 15 years as a board member. I often comment that my time at C.A.T.S. shaped who I am, and it definitely changed my perceptions on the possibilities for all people living with disabilities.  I who hates being 'put in a box', often box other people with disabilities.

Last year along side C.A.T.S I received a Regional Arts Development grant, as grant recipients our projects desired to achieve simular outcomes.  They were both about giving people with disabilities the chance to shine!

Federal and State MP's with Ipswich Emerging Artists 
The C.A.T.S players who never cease to amaze me decided to make their own short film.  Having conquered the stage . . . they aimed for the big screen. Literally shooting for the stars. Creating their own opportunities. From start to finish this was their project.

C.A.T.S gave them a chance to aim for the stars and stars they became. . .

If we're only aiming for the moon we may
miss our chance to reach the stares.

My hopes for Ipswich and the NDIS is that as a community we emerged ready to embrace the talents and skills that people with disabilities have to offer.  Certainly that was my experienced yesterday.  As Tom filmed my interview supervised by the director. Tom knew more about the camera then me, he is a great example of what I hope the NDIS will bring to the lives of people living with disabilities in Ipswich and beyond.

 On a personal level I am looking forward to creating a support system that can best support my growing art practise and establish a strong artistic network that is supported of the key values of  NDIS.  As much as I enjoy swimming in my fantasy finish tank. My real passion is to assist the Ipswich community to embrace diversity and strength opportunities for all artists across the region. The RADF and Ipswich Council through its support of C.A.T.S. and ArtISability, has given artists with disabilities a head start.

Under the NDIS I am looking forward to seeing more stars emerge in Ipswich,

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