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My NDIS Plan and Art My Way!

My Art, My Way

Many will disagree with me . . . but when it come to art their is no right way. People enter into art for different reasons. When it comes to the NDIS your way is 100% the right way to go.

. . . So why include art in your NDIS plan?  # 1 if its not in your plan the NDIS will not fund support to enable you to work on that goal.  The NDIS is a complete game changer.  The NDIS is designed to enable people with disabilities to engage in the local community in a way they chose. For some that may include the process of making art.

Any art form is open to the interruption from the audience.

People will embark on an art journey for many difference reasons. For some people like me, my life revolves around art and embodies who I am as a person. For others are is a hobby or recreation the brings a sense of pride and therapy. For others art becomes a profession and their life's work.

Ipswich Community Acknowledging
my contribution to the arts.

The first thing the NDIS participant statement gives you in the opportunity to tell your story as it is now and give a little insight into any changes you might like for the way you are supported under the NDIS. The odds are the NDIA planer, will have no insight to what your day to day life looks like now, and will probable know very little about art.

Your participants statement is going to be the first clue to what role art plays in your life currently.  Remember my no right or wrong rule, how you tell your story to the NDIA is  up to you.  However if talking and writing is not your thing then a video of your daily life might help.

So if there is little or nothing about art in your participant's statement, that might tell me its either a hobby or something new you want to have a go at, if it is listed as one of your NDIS first plan goals. As your writing your goals I suggest you look at  goal areas first.

One thing you want to achieve is a funnel effect.  Not only is the NDIS plan about you goals, but the steps and assistance you will need to achieve your goals. For some goals you may not need any assistance for others you will.

If your goal is to paint a basket of apples just to relax and take time out, then you many not need help to achieve you goal.  Or you may need help to set up your paints.  So every one's NDIS goals plan will look very different.

Goal areas might include:-

  • Lifestyle and accommodation - You might be thinking about adding a home art studio or teaching from home.
  • Learning, study or training - You might have been scribbling at home for years and decide you'd like to do some art classes or go to university.
  • Work and community life - Like me you might decide art may be a sector you'd like to work in.  Or you might be ready to exhibit and sell your work.
  • Interest and hobbies - You might just find you enjoy art. If could be something you like to spend time doing with others. Or out sitting by a lake somewhere.
  • Art as therapy - many people find making art a healing process, or art may give expression to emotions they not been able to voice before.
So the process we've taken is a broad general topic "Art", so Art is not going to be a goal in itself.  We look at examples of goals, to draw a basket of apples and what support you may need to achieve that goal. In terms of your NDIS goals your looking at goals or steps that will take 12 months to achieve. So drawing a basket of apples probably wont make your NDIS plan.

But joining an art class to learn how to draw might be something you like to try. Other people are not so sure. I might like art, I might not.  Could I join an art group and just see?  Yep! That is fine - that NDIS is geared to allow you to try new things . . . And its ok to go back and say - this isn't working for me.  Goals change over time, I haven't always wanted to be an artists.

Initially I wanted to be a poet!
I still write poetry but its now more of a hobby.

Having decided your goals the NDIA asks how you want to achieve them, as this about Your Art, Your Way! Lets use the goal of I want to sell me art & make money?

This is a good goal for an NDIS plan because:-

  • It is clear
  • It is achievable
  • When you sell your work you have achieved your goal.
The Process: So how do you achieve this?

Well I guess I could set up on the street corner and put 'Art For Sale', but the council might move you on and issue you a fine.  Actually that is something to remember when setting goals and making choices, all choices have conquences, you need to obey the law when choosing how to achieve your goals.  So I would recommend stealing your art supplies.

Legal ways to sell your art include: markets, competitions, exhibitions or on line options.  It important to know regards of how you chose to sell your art, you need to invest money.  So the first step might be to figure out how you going to find the money.

For my last exhibition I was able to pay it in stallements. But that was the fourth time I'd hired the gallery and as the gallery is attached to the art shop so the own sees me quiet regularly, you may need to save up before you hire a gallery, or consider selling your work from home.  Art markets have fees and you need to have public liability insurance.  So you might be selling art for a few years before you achieve your NDIA goal to make money.  

Now we see with choice responsibilities and costs are involved these are all things you need to factor in to the steps you will take to achieve your goal.  Your plan will need to demonstrate you can achieve your goals if you are supported the write way.

Well there some things to get you started creating art your way.

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