Friday, August 19, 2016

Grow your business

Yesterday I attended a Business Development workshop for artists. I think many artists forget that the quest to sell their artwork is a small business, and the essence to building any business is a Build Plan. My dad gave me a tip,  Deb artwork won't sell sitting in your lounge room! The main point of sale for a visual artists is a art gallery. 

So my first goal was to get my art out there!

Coming out!

"Fish tales - Arttime Coffee Shop"

Outlay $40 for wall / income $40

This was followed by

Paw Prints

Drawing Point Gallery

Made a loss

Then . . .

Made a profit!

Getting the local paper to do a story
went viral!

Papers across the Southeast picked up my story

And sale of merchandise assisted

This idea I picked up from working with other artists

and I now sell work online

I also take opportunities as they present.

But I still have no business plan for my

over arching brand!

Deb Chilton

What potential income and I losing out on.

What is my brand?

Is it Deb Chilton, Doodles and Dribble,
ArtISability or Ignite Artists?

Do I give equal time to all products?

Have I tested the market or am I just guessing?

Do I know the opportunities I am missing?

Umm! Having a business plan for Ignite Artists is

not enough!

I need a business plan for my brand

Deb Chilton

and each brand covered by my ABN!

I do somethings exceptionally well

like networking!

Others like a sales straggy have

not hit my radar.

OK I am off to write my business plan.

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