Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mentors Wanted!

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We are looking for artists who can inspire other visual artists to grow their art practise. This can be achieved through advising them in creating a body of artwork, professional development growth, business planning, preparing for exhibition, submissions for galleries or collaborating together.

The outcome of the program will be determined by the participants you work with.  A mentor role is very different to that of a tutor, rather than teaching skills you are refining the skills the artist already has, to enable them to be more competitive in the market place.

So were are looking for artists that are flexible in their own art practise and have been practising for 5 or more years.  However we are also seeking mentors will excellent industry knowledge and extensive industry networks that will enable participants to grow their own industry networks.

Success applications will be determined by the minimum experience requirements;  and whether they is a match with a participant in the current program.

Applications for 2017 mentorships are now open and close on 30th September once we have successful participants we will meet as a team to determine suitable match-ups.  This may require a interview process.

One of our panel will contact you if we think you are a potential match for a candidate.

To be considered for a position please email us your current CV and artists statements, online links to your work with a one page statement on your current art industry networks.  We also need a quote for your fees and charges.

Email Deb for more information.

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