Wednesday, August 31, 2016

NDIS: Management of Funding

Many people are excited to have direct control over their funding under the NDIS. However their are things you need to carefully weight up as you chose your options.

I have share before on making the administration of funding one of your NDIS goals.

Goal Area:            Administer Funding
Goal:                     Option 1: Ask the NDIS to administer my
                              funding on my behalf.
                              Option 2: Select a host provider to administer
                              your funding on your behalf. Note there are
                              changes for those who have been self-directing
                              currently. Under the NDIS your host provider
                              can not also offer participants direct service
                              Option: 3 Self-direct through a host
                              provider, if you choose to self-direct you can
                              do as much of the administration as you like.
                              Note: If you choose this option the NDIA
                              can not administer your funding.
                              There are various self-directing you will be
                              able to select from. . . More under steps to
                              achieve my goal.
                              Option 4: Self-Management. Again under
                              this option their is a tear of options. Many
                              people may elect to have some to their pay-
                              roll on their behalf.

You might chose to use a combination of options 2, 3 and 4.


Previously service providers were given administration funding to administer the funds and report back to the department. Under the NDIS funding is now directed to the participants, meaning the costs associated with funds administrations are charged to you.  However these 'supports' are necessary and will be calculated into for package.

I will provide examples of what I understand

Option 2:           Host provider fees, staff training costs
Option 3:           Host provider fees; staff training; if employing
                           your own staff, polices checks, yellow or blue
                          cards and may be insurance.
Option 4:           All of the above plus bank fees, taxation,
                          insurance - including work cover.

These resources are added to your package.  As a employer in the disability sector, you need to ensure you follow all sections of the relevant acts.  A good self-management model should include a business plan with polices and procedures, employment and staff selection policies; and staff training models.

Something you need to consider is 'life is not going to grind to a stop while you write your NDIS plan'.  That is another goal that needs to be in your plan.  What happens when life gets messy? As we work towards transitioning to the NDIS the cycle of life continues. This is another task to add to out overcrowded stressful life. Self-care is another goal to consider, if you intend choosing option 3 or 4.

Planning for the unknown

Staff get sick and have accidents. Who will work if one of your workers is off for and extended period of time?  If you fire them then that is unfair dismissal. What if the come back to work on light duties. These are the things you need to put in your employment agreements.

But you life too can 'happen', What if you can sick and are in hospital for a few weeks? If you are administering funding on behalf your family member who is paying the bills and doing the reporting?

Success planning:  Your not going to live forever, If your family member has a Enduring Power of Anotherie do you need to update it. Where will your family member live?

If you elect to have a 'head' worker - what happens when they move on.

So planning for the unexpected may be a goal to add to your plan.

Goal:              To self-direct the administration of my NDIS
                       using a host service provide.

Model:           Elect an advisory team to assist me to self-direct.
                       If you are head of that team, you may need to
                      elect a successor.


  1. Nominate your host provider
  2. Service agreement. Who is responsible for what role?
  3. Nominate any service providers e.g. OT, employment agency,
  4. Inform host providers for them to organise service agreements.
  5. Advertise for staff you will directly employ.
  6. Staff agreements and training
  7. Transition to NDIS - I have a transitioning plan in my plan, so buddy-ups are paid for and staff training paid. 
  8. The are many hidden costs you need to have in your NDIS plan.
  9. Who is responsible for insurances and police checks - This will need to be spelt out in your service agreement.
  10. Support plans and task allocations
  11. Start self -directing
My aim today has been to highlight the work involved in administering your funding and the costs you need to ask the NDIA to cover in addition to other supports. As well as remind you this adds to your daily responsibility and life stressors.  So I really encourage you to think through all the requirements and talk to others who are already self-directing or form a peer support group

QDN have a group commencing on Saturday 17th September.
10 am to 12 pm, Cateria in the Humanities Building, in South Street. Next door to Council Chambers.

I will ne joining this group this journey is too scary to travel on my own.  

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