Monday, October 31, 2016

Trick or treat . . Choose life

Many Australians view Halloween as an American Custom, involving dressing in costumes to go trick or treating. In fact it is not a American tradition at all. Halloween is a pagan Celtic harvest festival. Halloween as we know it is said to be a 'Christian version' of the festival.  However there is nothing Christian about celebrating the day of the dead.

As a Christian, I see nothing compatible with anything that celebrates death. I believe while death may destroy a body, life of a soul is eternal. With two options, eternal life with the 'light of the world', Jesus Christ or eternal darkness. The separation of the soul and the body, that which we term death, closes the door on an opportunity for a soul to repent.  Those who die without Christ are condemned to eternal darkness away from 'Christ who is the light of the world'. Certainly that is nothing to celebrate.
Halloween is celebrated on the eve of All saints Day, by the Roman Catholic Church.  All Souls Day or All Hallo is celebrated by the Church.  On all souls day they pray from the dead to be reunited with Christ. Something that death itself  prevents and on All saints day the pray for the dead of the faith. Here we see the 'Christiansted version' of Halloween still focus on death. There is nothing to celebrate when it comes to losing a soul to eternity.

Death in totally incompatible with life. As a Christian I am predominated with life, praying for the living and spreading the message of Jesus Christ which is life giving.
Jesus himself said let the dead buried their own dead. Luke 9:60.  There is no foundation of a genuine believer to be celebrating a feast of the dead.  If you are using this occasion to share the gospel do not say your celebrating the Day of the Dead  use it as an opportunity to shine Christ love.  Be honest with those who walk a crocked line. Ask them to celebrate life by asking Jesus Christ into their lives. This would be real cause for celebration.
At the curificition the Roman soldiers micked Christ, taken any opportunity to dress as the dead - to celebrate death, could be potentially harmful, it certainly is not edifying .  Choose to celebrate life instead.

Trick or treat . . .Let me treat you to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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