Saturday, March 25, 2017

Purple Day 2017

Planting Purple Seeds

Deb Chilton - Artists takes the Purple Day Pledge
I am among the 30% of people living with epilepsy whose seizures are not effectively controlled through surgery or with medication.  Epilepsy is the world's most common neurological disorder yet strong social stigma's around suffers still exist. With many choosing to live in isolation.
Life is what it is!
We can chose to embrace it and live a life of hope, promoting understanding or we can be controlled by our fears.  Living life promotes under standing,
The themes for my Planting Purple Seeds Exhibition were . . .
Live life . . .
       Love . . .
             Grow , , ,
                               Hope . . .
Growing seeds of understanding . . .
Flowers are witness to the way we grow, often we need to make a decision to let go of fear and the what ifs . . . and embrace life for what it is!

Life With Disability

Everyone can all see I have a physical disability. However my CP barely disables me unless there is a phone involved. What disables me is community attitudes and lack of understanding.  I feel my seizures are far more disabling than my CP, yet seizures are both a blessing and a curse.

Officially I do not have epileptic seizures. My seizures are possibly linked to a non-cancerous brain tumour.  Not one is real sure and my real claim to fame is bandboozal Queensland top neurologists. It is easier to say I have epilepsy as  the treatment and first aid are the same.

My seizures make me unemployable!  Any artist’s dream my artwork does not need to put food on the table.  If I wanted to I could enjoy creating art all day every day. Except I have this other passion is to advocated for other people with disability and breakdown social barriers in our local community.  This I achieved by being cheeky and laughing at the stupidity of others.

Purple Day 26th March
If you were unable to make my artist's talk
You can still make a donation via
my Go Fundraising Page.
The art display runs to the end of the week.

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