Monday, June 12, 2017

Building Ignite Artists Network

Understanding the Community Needs . . .
As we grow we want to provide
services currently not available in
the Ipswich region.
Ipswich is home to over 100
different armature arts & craft groups.
Most disabilities support providers
engage in art programs for
both leisure and skills development.
As well as opportunities to
exhibit and sell artwork. 
What people tell us . . .
Did you know artists are unable to up skill in the
Ipswich Region itself.
Did you know access issues are not isolated to those with disability.
Young mums can experience access issues to education
due to children needs.
Access to transport can be an issue for those
living in remote areas.
Not just those with disabilities.
A person's impairment is not
detected in their artwork.
Ignite Artists Network
Seeks to increase learning opportunities
through peer mentoring.
Workshops and peer development programs.
Support artists to exhibit their artwork.
Assisting with access needs of all
Artists living in the region.
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