Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Let's Talk About Rights!

. . . The UN charter of human right tells us that all humans are born 'free and equal'. When we think of failure to ensure human rights Australia is no thought to be high on the list of countries that are neglected  this area
 Unless your a member of the UN humane rights committee.

I am tired of hearing minority groups being referred to as a hindrance, resource drain on society and a social issue that will not go away. Whether your indigenous, refugee, long-term unemployed, have disabilities, or just growing older some members of society see you as a drain on the public purse.  

And we know there are a minority that cheat the system, just as there are tax cheats.  Many in these minorities are tax payers and do not rely on welfare.  Welfare reform does not address the issues of injustices faced by these groups and the structures of society that continue to create barriers to economic security, housing, education, employment, well being and access to having a legal voice. 

Women with intellectual disabilities are twice as likely to be assaulted, if they are also indigenous it becomes 4  in 5 women.   Victims with intellectual disabilities are often not believe or there evidence or testimony is not usable in court of law.  I know this first hand having gained the courage to go to the police I was encouraged not to make a formal complaint due to perpetrator  potentially having denature.  Being intellectually incompasiated makes  you unable to defend yourself.  You are neither guilty or not guilty.

No body choses to be born with a disability, escape a war-torn  country, their heritage or to grow old. Luckily involuntary euthanasia is illegal. Yet it you lucky enough not to be born into what is considered to be the norm, you can help shape this great nation and strengthen the structures that continue to segregate people and limit their choices and their say that no access to the justice system is a cruel natural fact of life. I hope you never become disabled or develop dementure where you will experience the reality of living life without any restrictions on your choices. Loss of mobility and reduction in intellectual functioning can be  cruel. 

Even lost of the ability to drive means a limit of independence and loss of choice.  Many of us will need some level of care as we age. This will result in others advising us on our health needs and care needs.  At times it will seem like our rights are taken away.  These same rights which have never been granted to minority groups in Australia.
We have bought the lie of uniformity and the way of the majority rules. We have allowed some to have more of a say in determining what is right and who can have access to things like education, affordable housing, employment, health service and access to the justice system itself.
I hope we to who are often denied our rights or told to conform never stop using our voices so we are overshadowed  by small minded people who can't bothered doing their research before making a public speech.  
How we access education, employment and the legal system despite our disabilities are human rights Sentior Hansion

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