Saturday, August 12, 2017


I don't understand the pedsite and my paper will be unmarked. As a Christian I have friends who are openly gay.  Truthfully we would love to be able to celebrate their union. As a Christian I am taught not to judge, I believe that is God's role not mind.  We all make choices and we all sin and I too am a sinner.
Gay couples are just like other couples who choose not to marry.  I do not love my siblings and less or hate their partners. This is their choice.  God has given each of us a free will.  Your decision is between you and God?  So part of me thinks if others chose not to marry? Why deny gay couples the right to marry even if I may not agree, this decision does not affect me and my relationship with God any more than the choices my siblings have made. 
Just for the record, if the law is changed and my friends choose to get married if invited I would love to be there.  My attendance does not mean I approved,  it means they important in my life and I respect their choice.
The real struggle and thus the real debate - and only debate is do we change the definition of marriage?  The origins of the word are biblical.  A union between a man or women witness before God. So I don't understand why non-Christians chose to marry.  It is not a legal requirement to live together.  
I also do not understand why defactors in same sex partnerships do not have the same rights as other couples.  Added to this I do not understand the difference between a marriage and a civic union, I don't know and please excuse my ignorance but what is the legal difference. To me the only difference is one is before God and the other isn't.  So most marriages are in name only and thus the fight is over the a piece of paper.  What a total waste of money to only spread fears, hurtful comments (on both sides), hate, and the permission to convert others to our way of thought.
If someone was to deny me my faith and beliefs, I would be deep offended.  Just as I am offended by people blaming my faith as a defence. Religion is many different things to different things so be honest your problem is not with religion it is with the Christian faith and the definition of marriage.  Our faith does not make us gay bashes or proof haters.  God lovers everyone including men who have relationships with men; and women who have relationships with women.  However, he hates the choices they make, just as he hates adulteress (now legal - just saying).
All sin is equal in the sight of God.  However, I have more of a struggle with those claiming to be Christians and openly having gay relationships.  It come down to how you define marriage and how that works with the Australian law.  It should not be about wrong or right.  We have the freedom to do the wrong thing. Like live in sin'.
I wish all hate, fear and judgements where band from the campagain.    I find the arguments of the Christian lobby weak. How this effects society is nonsense these behaviours occur anyway. However what non-Christians may not know in some Christians denominations marriage is a scarcement, it is on the same par as baptism and holy communion. So your messy not only with the faith but the core of their union with God.
It is not a piece of paper or a law to rewrite it is a ceremony the God attends. That fact this change in the law takes God out the picture of marriage and reduces it to a common everyday 'right' is where I stubbles in changing the law the whole bible is a lie.  This is why some Christians are offend me, my country is taking some precious and deeply inmate with God and making it common. 
Like I said I do not understand why non-Christians marry, where a man and a women or a same sex couple.  Neither of these I understand. Neither of these do I commend. Nor do I commend non-Christians who chose not to marry.  I do however struggle with confessing Christians who live together.  These are the people who claim on thing and do another. 
So unless my gay friends help me understand the difference between civil union and changing the definition of marriage. I mush decide whether to tick no box or both boxes. Cause I am torn and don't want to give my vote to either side.
Jesus said, he who is without sin, may cast the first stone, so my stone stays on the ground.  On the day of judgement we will all be judges foe our actions.  So it is only my actions I need to account for.  I need to explain to God why I did not tick NO. Just as you are only accountable for your actions.
Remember I not ticking YES either. So the government might as well send me the fine.  It will help pay for the money they are wasting! 

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