Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Lost in Transition (NDIS Story)

One of my biggest hopes for the NDIS was creating a weekly schedules to enable me to become an established artists and grow my wings to exhibit outside Ipswich.  This has happened through my membership with Aspire gallery. An achievement I am extremely proud of.
"No rules!" opens at Aspire Gallery next Wednesday, for one week only.  This is the third group art exhibition I have taken part in.
Prior to becoming a NDIS participant my life was a constantly juggling art, of planning my pathway through my day to achieve my art dreams and some how I made it happen.  On of the biggest change is my life has been the establishment of  a weekly schedule that I write and now only negotiate with one service provider to make the things that are most important in my like happen.

It is definitely easier to scoot around town with one support team behind me all the way and a roster team to guide me.  I have some great new workers who have come on board and are assisting me to achieve my goals.
My travels have been limited by a period of unstable health but as my energy increases my wheels want to escape more. I now have the support to get out and about to participate in the Ipswich arts community and I am looking for to FUSED Art Festival next weekend.  With most events within walking distance I looking forward to rocking in Ipswich with my friends.
However venues and events further from home are a struggle to navigate. Even a trip to the doctor.  Together with my service provider I am working on a support team who can support me in my community roles and building my art practise and developing a transport plan that is affordable.
As my seizures decrease I am more confident this can happen.  Just not traveling in workers cars wasn't on my list of expected changes under the NDIS. My readers all know my love affair with Maxi taxi's and the waiting game.
Will the shift allow me to do what I want in the time. . . Will my trains connect at Roma Street.  What if I have a seizure in Brisbane vs the cost of a Taxi?
What a struggle it is to explain the additional cost of transport, when public transport isn't and option due to fatigue and additional travel times.  The NDIS are still saying my transport costs are not high and my illness does not restrict my travel.  So I still lost in translation, waiting for taxis and hoping I got enough time to get from A to B.
Apart from that being a NDIS participant is great.  Hope to share where my art will be popping up next soon.

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