Thursday, October 5, 2017


G'day! Today is world CP day. To raise awareness the event organisers asked us to identify, 'where we live' and facts about the type of CP we have.

I have spastic quadriplegia which means my enter body is affected my low muscle tone. CP is a neurological condition which results is primary physical disability. A small percentage of people with CP have an intellectual disability as well.  So don't end up looking like a goose and talk to me like I don't understand what you're saying! 
You might judge me by my cover, But I have actually studied Behavioural Science. So if you like me to tell you about human behaviour I can.
I have done many things in the 49 years I have lived on this earth.  I am a author, poet, artist and a arts administrator.

CP has not stop me from dreaming and reaching those dreams. As an artist and an arts administrator I get to travel and see out wonderful country.  I guess our message today is to remind the world that CP is a physical disability, that doesn't define what our lives look like.
My name is Deb Chilton
I live in Ipswich, Queensland Australia
and just happen to have CP!

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