Saturday, December 2, 2017

Is you Senator on the nice list?

Dear Senator,

I am one or 460,000 people to benefit form the roll out of the ndis. whatever society thinks the face of disability is . . . It's not my face!

I am 49 and was born with cerebral palsy.  In 2012 I took part of the Leaders for Tomorrow Program.  As a result of the Labour's governments in me.  People with disability in Blair have a strong advocate. I was given the opportunity to study visual arts at the Brisbane Institute of Art. 

As a result I now connect to my community through art.  Many parliamentarians may know of my work through Shannye Newmann MP.  Who has endorsed me and promotes my community work.  I have now commence my own art business to enable other artists to work in the mainstream arts community and I am the Queensland Representative on the Supported Studio Network. 

The ndis promises to give artists living with disabilities across Australia the support to foster their skills and sell their artwork.  Thus allows us to contribute to the cultural and economic growth in Australia.  Despite epilepsy onset later in life, I not only am self-employed but I employ others.  

It is only through the support of the ndis am I able to get ready for work and continue to create artwork and support our Ipswich creative community.  You and others many see the cost of the ndis as a luxury, but just like the investment in me through the ndis, the ndis can assist others with disabilities to participate in the economic development of their local communities.  We are providing jobs for those who provide our support needs.

I have been very bless by the leadership opportunities bestowed on me.  However, when I sit an reflect these are my rights as a individual and I have worked very hard to gain the roles I have obtained.  Yet thousands of others with disabilities do the same without the recognition I personally receive. The implementation of ndis funding in full will be our countries greatest step towards ensuring the rights of Australians with disabilities. 

This is what is on my Christmas wish list this year.  Could you be nice and talk to your fellow senators about my Christmas wish.

Many Thanks and Merry Christmas,
Deb Chilton.  

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