Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Celebrating our Heritage (Australia day or not?)

With Australia Day next week I thought I share some of my own thoughts regarding a day that is dividing our nation.

I have a deep adoration to Indigenous Australians and the richness their cultural brings to our Modern Society.  I also acknowledge the past and the way colonist treated the traditional owners of the land.  It saddens me that our true history is only just emerging due to the strength and courage of Elders past & present.

As an Australian of European I think it good to recognised our failings and the Indigenous spiritual connection to the land is very different to our own.  The culture spans thousands of years and tribal ownership over land still exists. Land we claimed, bought and now owner with out the consent of the original owners.  I as an European descendant will never truly understand this deeply spiritual connection and nor do I wish to simply dismiss it.  

In 2018 what I would like to see is a celebration of nation. A nation which gathers those from across the globe to unite with our Indigenous ancestress. I not sure marking Invasion Day would profit anyone. Rather it severs as a reminder of what divides us not unites us. I do not think we need to mark the 'sins of our forefathers. As a mark of respect we could move Australia and perhaps rename it. Whatever  this day is named  it needs to be a day of celebration.

What Indigenous need is to celebrate their culture and the fullness it brings to our nation, rather than making it about the past.  I think we need to champion the survival of Indigenous heritage and culture as we move forward from this current debate. To take the opportunity to do something we have never done before, celebrate indigenous culture and applaud its survival.

We have both acknowledge and apologised for the past, to continue to protest for what can not be changed. brings division, continues to divide.  We can and should celebrate the heritage of all Australian and maybe the day we agree to do so could become our national day.  Changing the reason for celebrating not the essence of the celebrations themselves.

Yep lets scrap Australia Day and find a date to celebrate our combined heritage, looking to a bright future not our dark past. 


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