Tuesday, January 30, 2018


I am a visual artists. In addition to this I would like to see my vision to establish a Ipswich Arts Community Network that foster's the development of Artists living with disability. 

I still find myself bemused at times over what others imagine my life to look like.  The physio asked my support worker today if I sign my own legal documents.  What doesn't she understand about me self-managing my own package?

 I am a small business owner so hopefully I can  manage a budget. I try to excuse people's ignorance, I accept she believe I can not self manage my funding.  But sign an agreement that I proven I can pay?

So today's been a bad day!  My coordinator forgot to extend my shift, my worker asked me to change my appointment, (that's OK its only the second time in less than a week. The taxi driver got lost so I was late anyway. 

To my workers surprise I need to wait unbelievably long times. I felt questioned, Did I accept that? Actually the service was reasonable..  I paid a worker 1 hr to wait for taxi's today, however I sensed she felt put out.  These are the things and the days that make me feel like I don't matter, I am expected to wait until the world has time to meet my needs. 

Everyday I deal with people who assume I have an intellectual disability and need to correct their misconceptions.  I organise my own life and I am self-carer why is that so unbelievable? I sit here wondering why I should put myself through this daily frustrations. Why do I even attempt to run a small business?

I am kidding myself that I will ever be accepted what I have proven I can do. The saddest part of this is the disability sector is the sector I can't convince. Most services want me to fit in with their agenda? Taxi's provide a second class service and I always made to feel my wheelchair is in the way. On days like today its hard to believe I the power to change the world.

I do not believe the ndis has failed. I believe we as a community failed to be prepare for people with disabilities to be empowered. Being empowered means we want the same quality of service as our family and neighbours. Remember underneath our skin we're all the same.       

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