Friday, March 16, 2018

It takes a village to raise a child.

Today as a nation we say, 'NO WAY TO BULLYING! Because this isn't a issue just for kids, parents, families, teachers, schools, facebook, social media or governments, it is an issue that we need to address together,  When I went to school bullies very visuable and wanted to be identified. The targerted anyone who was different inorder to big note themselves. As a kid with cp I was an easy target, but I left the bullies at the frontgate of the school. Some times school was a pretty terrible place to be!

However away from school there were no mobile phones, texting, msm, facebook on twitters.  Often people do not even know the faces of those who are bullying them. Bullying can occur anytime and any place: online, at school, at home, in the workplace or the gerenal public. I can be a one of event, or relentless 24/7. Bullying that occurs 24/7 can ware a person down, affect their self-esteem and confidence; and most worrying is the current trend of victims tacking their own life.

Bullies is what one thing, 'They want to feel better than those who they attack and they are attention seeks.'

The first clue a person maybe a bully is they're constantly in your face 24/7 and their not telling you things that make you feel grate. The will message you even when you a sleep and the want to dominate your thoughts!

Bullies are liers!

When I went to school bullies picked on anyone who was different; too tall, too short, disabled or simply wearing glasses.  Today for most bullies that is too obvious.  Today bullies want to isolate people to rob them of positive reinforcement.  Bullies always in the end make you feel bad. Your friends want you to be happy and build you up.  I don't hang round people who make me feel bad so if someone online upsets me I block them.

Never Engage With Bullies

Bullies thrive on attention if you fail to engage with them the loss interest. Remember you friends want you to feel happy if someone makes you feel horrible these are not true friends. 

Bullies don't always have faces.

If someone is not putting a smile on your face and saying different things to you, then the people you interact with everyday are the really worth talking too? If the answer is 'no' then you need to disengaged them.

Block The Bullies

If the person has nothing good to say, block their phone no; block them on social media, report them to others.

You could show a text to you parents, a teacher, colleague or friend and ask them if they is think what they is saying is true.  If they say 'no', then you should block them on your mobile, facebook, twitter or any other way they try to contact you.  You can report unwelcome behaviour on social media. If they start following you then that may be considered stalking and you should report them to the police. 

So if you think you're being bullied:

  • Talk to someone you trust.
  • Call kids helpline or lifeline.
  • Do not engage with the person.
  • Block them on the phone and social media.
  • Report them if you need to.
We should all watch out for others who become withdrawn or seem to become down on themselves. The more people we have looking out for these signs in our kids and workmates the highly the likely hood we will be able to identify those at risk. 

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