Thursday, April 5, 2018

Wheelie supported by the ndis

Recently my support workers have been supporting me in my home art studio to create sculptures.  I often need them to hold the piece while I work. This week my support workers have been busy assisting me to drop my work at various galleries and venues.

Let the Ipswich Festival begin !!! 

Ipswich Artists are always a buzz this time of year with the festival about to begin. Competitions, exhibitions, workshops and an explosion of colour!  Preparations completed I will be using plenty of community access hours over the next 2 weeks to participate and enjoy the festival.

For the first year I do not need to forgo supports in other areas to make my festival commitments.  I have enough to meet my needs and not run the risk of being unsupported in an exhausting period, nor do I have a 8 pm curfew!

Having my core-supports interchangeable puts me back in control of my life. My one hope for the ndis was my art no longer needed to fit around my supports.  Now my supports fit around my art and art calendar. 

Today I found out two of my artworks were chosen for the Brisbane Rotary International Competition and the first year I entered sculpture I was successful.  Apparently the standard was 'impressive' this year.  This is another way my support will be needed - attending the awards night.

This week I commence self directing my own team. I have a team leader who is able to be flexible in her hours because she is working 25 to 30 a week.  Also to be known as my PA Shh! Don't tell the ndis. 

People with disability don't just need support from 9 am to 5 pm, we live 24/7 lives just like everyone else on this planet. I am engaging as a professional artists. I do not just want to do art to feel warm and fuzzy.  I want to interact with other artists and share my work with the world! 

We still have a battle convincing both the community and the disability sector that the work of artists with disabilities belongs is our state and national galleries.  This Deb doesn't consider herself as having a disability is nonsense . . . come wheel in my wheels for a day.  I just a good actress who hides her struggles to have opportunities to shine. 

Just like the athletes in the Commonwealth games their should be no separation, we want to be include in. Like many my work achievements stand for themselves.  Now I just need the disability sector to recognized artists as being self-employed.  Art is not just for social participation or therapy.  Art sometimes is hard work!

That this weeks wrap . . . I am off to enjoy the Ipswich Festival say hi if you see me wheel by! 

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