Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Art 4 Epilepsy

Epilepsy is one of the worlds most common neurological disorders.  70% of those with epilepsy do not have their seizures controlled by medication or other treatments. As well as the stigma  many myths around seizures and the first-aid required exist. Seizures are not always caused be epilepsy. Many people experience one off seizures due to illness or injury.

If someone had a seizure would you know what to do? You can find the facts at Epilepsy Auction Australia. Epilepsy Action Australia provide support to people living with Epilepsy and their families as well as a number of community education programs. 

During May they are hosting a online art auction to raise funds to continue to be able to provide these services. Emerging and professional artists across Australia have donated work you can bid on during May. Including me. 

Purple Picnic
Acrylic 2014
with black frame

Perhaps 'Dolly' is explaining to 'Teady' what to do if someone has a seizure.  To bid on some fabulous artwork visit the auction website.


I was born with cp which can be associate with epilepsy, however in my case I have Alice In Wonderland Syndrome otherwise known as Todd's Syndrome.  I have held many different roles over the years including youth work, Christian Church leadership, Community Boards, Author and Poet and now Artist! Recently I received a Highly Commended in the Ipswich Art Awards for 'I Fell Down The Rabbit Hole'.

I am a regular contributor to the Brisbane Rotary Art Fundraiser which opens on the 14th May, and a member of Aspire Gallery in Brisbane where I regularly exhibit my work. 

Besides art my other passion is advocating for people with disabilities and raising awareness about disabilities and the issues we living face.  So participating in the Art for Epilepsy fundraiser makes perfect sense.

You can link on my links on the side-bar to find out more about me or my artwork on you can use the contact box for further inquires. 

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