Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A Frank Disscussion on the ndis

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Last night I listened to ABC Brisbane Focus Radio a discussion around the ndis and the success or otherwise of the planning procress.  I guess the thing I am hearing that there will be hits and misses in terms of developing ndis plans and no one can make guarantees that we will get it 100% right. However there are steps participants can take to ensure a successful plan can be develop and review processes when that does not occur.   

Serval findings in regards to the ndis roll out have just been released and the is a growth requested for reviews and appeals.  The focus program, last night looked at how these emerging issues can be addressed and highlight some success stories. I consider myself a success story despite having a few hiccups along the way. The program did highlight an at risk category participant groups in missing opportunities and these are participants with complex dual diagnoses involving mental illness and the indigenous population. 

These with mental illness are most at risk of planning problems due to their ability to participant in the planning process, that does not mean methods can not be develop to involve outcomes for these participants.  We all recognizes that the ndis must do better. We must remember the ndis is very much an evolving system.  A complete overhaul of the funding of Disability Care System has never been attempted before, so the ndis is still very much in the emerging phases.  With such an individual funding agreements process to ensure good service delivery are still being refined.     

Experience tells us that participants that are able to advocate for themselves or find a support network to advocate on their for them. The more you understand about what you want your life to look like; what daily activities you want to engaged in; the types of support you want access and your other needs, such as threapies and equipment; and how you would like that to be administrated. 

When looking at preparing for the ndis it is vita you discuss your vision for your future.  The people best able to assist you in to develop a plan are those who know you best. Your family, teachers, other participants, support workers and providers.  I know first hand how exhasting entering the ndis is, however I also know first hand the work was rewarded with a plan than has in the main worked out for me. (You can read my pre-planning tips here). In reflecting on what hasn't worked, I know moving into my second plan I have much more knowledge with how I can use my funding.  The ndis is a revoluationary system and we are all learning together.   

This means we all need to work together to ensure the best outcome for all.  This can only be achieved by participants and family members are sharing their stories and learning from each other.  While my plan may not correspond with your families needs, I can share where I made mistakes.  A plan is just how you as a participant may achieve your goals, aspiriations and dreams.  The great news is if your first plan does not work, you can try something new in your second plan.  

One thing I have learned is participants feel too much pressure to get it right.  The devil in me advisor you to stuff it up! Make mistakes! Work out what the heck doesn't work for you, until you find the magic in making the ndis work for you, your life and your family. 

Make the ndis work for you!

About the Author

Deb Chilton is a poet, author and visual artists living in Southeast Queens;and. Deb was born with cerbral palsy and has a few other challengers she encouters in accessing the community.  Deb became a partucipant of the ndis in June last year.  Deb has shared her journey from her learn about what the ndis could look like, through planning for entering the ndis and her first plan.  Deb's plan has not gone to plan and that's ok! Cause life never goes to plan.

Deb's next plan is to discover what works for her and what doesn't..  Just because services have not worked for Deb, doesn't mean the are not right for you.  Your mission is to discover what suits you, your life and your family.

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