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Access the ndis

Hi my name is Deb and I have been participanting in the ndis in the Ipswich area for the last 12 months. Many people are finding the ndis difficult to contact, hard to access and pathways challenging.

Whether you live in Toowoomba, Ipswich, Brisbane, Gold Coast or the Sunshine Cost the ndis want you to know they are open for business and just like all government departments like Medicare and Centrelink you can just walk into the local area office and ask for assistance. 


Access the ndis

Australian Resident; Between 0 and 64; with a lifetime disability, and needing assistance with daily living tasks.

Entry Point 1 contact the ndis to check eligibilty.

You can call; email or walk into an ndis office.

You can request access to the ndis in a way that is best for you and your family.

You can make contact for an adult or child and organise the documentation on their behalf.

There is a GP access form to complete. However your GP may not be the best person to complete this, it may be an OT; specialist; or psychologist.

Once eligibility and records are recieved you will enter the ndis scheme and be given a participant ID, this is linked to your my gov. account.

You will then move to the pathway on the right and receive a call to set up a planning meeting.

Entry Point 2 - transition from state disability support system.

You should recieve a phone call from the ndia requesting to access your records at Centrelink and Disability Services

•You will be asked basic questions to assess your eligibility. If you are eligible your records will be transferred to the ndis

You will recieve a participant confirmation letter in the mail with your participants number.

You may be asked for more medical documentation from your GP. Complete this and return it to the ndis

You will be contacted again by the ndia to book your planning meeting. You can request a face to face meeting.

However the 1800 number or the ndis website might not be the best place for you to start. We all access information differently and we are not all able to access the internet, access apps or talk on the phone.  The ndis must by law provide you access to the service and that includes providing information and pathways access for all. Disability advocates; service providers and ndis participant community capacity advisers want you to spread the message there are a number of ways to access the ndis if you have been unsuccessful with the 1800 number.

  • You can walk off the street and ask for information and forms in a printed format or request it be read to you.
  • If you are with a support provider they are obligated to provide basic information and contact information.  They can also help you to contact the ndia.
  • Your GP can assist to make that initial contact.
  • If you are not great at the internet or on the phone ask for a face to face meeting where you can access print outs of information and any paper work needed.  
  • Keep asking for your access needs to access the ndis, as currently the ndis has failed many. 

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is the new funding system for the support needs for people with disabilities and family members. As the roll out continues across Australia people who are not enrolled in the ndis may no longer be able to access their support needs. This may include:-

  • Direct and family supports
  • Support provider services
  • Respite services
  • Equipment and medical supplies
  • Mobility Allowance
The ndis provides additional supports such as:

  • Home and care modifications
  • Early intervention programs
  • Therapy to improve daily living

The ndis is a tiered system that provides support(s) to all Australians living with disabilities.  It is a federal government body that gives Australian residents access to support services regardless of where they live and once funding is given it can not be taken away.  It is designed to give people with disabilities and their families choice and security. 

The ndis plan is an individual approach to providing support based on the goals of individuals and how they wish to achieve their goals, rather than being based on diagnoses or disability.  The ndis is about living the life you want to live. 

ndis is about planning for a bright future


Everyone aged between 0 and 65 who has a lifetime disability and needs assistance with daily living tasks is eligible to access some level of the scheme provided they are an Australia resident.


Registering with the ndia for assessment


Transition from state funded disability support

Entry point one:

Contact the ndis via:-

  • 1800 800 110
  • email
  • ndis website
  • Phoning area office directly
  • Walking into an area office

Ask for access to the ndis to be made accessible for your disability and access needs and that may not be
by phone or internet.

Ask a family member or friend to support you to navigate the ndis pathways. 

You will need ID and proof of residency
Documentation of your or your childs disability

There is a GP form to complete, your GP may not be the best person to fill this in,  It may be a Pediatrician, Psychologist, OT or Physio.  The GP just needs to sign it off as being correct.

Entry Point two:

Transition from state government disability support

This is the way I transitioned to the ndis

If you are currently receiving support through a state scheme you should receive a phone call to check you eligibility and ask your permission to access your file and your Centrelink file.  You will then be asked some simple questions about your daily function. If you are eligible then you will receive your ndis participant number in the mail.

If this hasn't happened then you need to:-

  • Tell a support provider
  • Contact the ndia by phone, email or visit the area office.
Some people due to the nature of their disability may not remember phone calls or understand the process. These are the people the ndis need to contact.  If you have mental health issues or memory problems you need to request special access so you are given more support.  If you want to access the ndis ask someone to make contact for you and to support you through the ndis pathways. 

ndis teams are also on the ground at shopping centres; shows and public events. If you think you may be eligible for the scheme seek out this information.  There are no deadlines you can apply at any time.  The ndia knows it has missed many people so make contact as soon as you can.

If you enter the ndis ask someone to support you to develop your pathways and keep asking for information in a format that is accessible to you and your family.

It is never too early or too late to plan for the ndis!

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