Thursday, August 9, 2018

ndis What's Working Well For Me!

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Aspire Art Gallery

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is designed to support people and families living with disabilities to live their best lives as part of their community.  The ndis provides an individualised plan to assist people to achieve their goals.  ndis goals can be around education, training, life skills, interests, hobbies, recreation, work, sport and community participation.

It is true some things are still not working the way it is intended and there are access issues around navigating pathways. However when they work . . . things can be wonderful.

Meet the Artist at Aspire Gallery

I have been an active member of Aspire Gallery for just over 12 months. Belonging to a gallery outside Ipswich is one of the things the ndis has enabled me to achieve. My one-on-one direct support enables me to visit galleries outside Ipswich. My team leader organises my calendar, delivers and collects my artwork and supports me to attend openings and other artist's commitments. As part of my Aspire Membership I am entitled to professional development advice.

At my last professional development session, my mentor again encouraged me to revisit my printmaking and to look at pop-art and pop-culture as an avenue. I am so glad I took that advice.

My Ipswich fans can check out my progress during September, I had so much fun creating this colourful art display. My current ndis goals are around extending my art practice and working towards a solo exhibition in Brisbane, so my work at Aspire Gallery has been a great stepping stone. 

In February, I had a solo exhibition at the Drawing Point Gallery, The Melting Pot. This was in the main an exhibition of textile dolls.  With this exhibition I also wanted to begin a discussion on social inclusion in the Ipswich art community.  The work of artists living with disability speaks for itself.  Access issues for these artists need to be addressed in order for them to participate. This is what the ndis was designed to do through looking at ways to improve daily living for the participants. 

Disability reduces a person's function in a 'normal' way. It is the structure of society that disables a particular person to perform a task. Whether that be physical, intellectual, social or psychological. Disabilty does not mean a person is unable to do certian things. For example they may paint with their feet, but they can still produce award winning work, if their access issues are meet.

My advocacy work in this area is another ndis goal. I seek to use art as a way to build social inclusion. Perhaps my largest contribution is using my ndis package to address my own access needs to show the community what is possible. 

Currently, I am hoping to take my doll exhibition to Brisbane in 2019, so I am putting together a proposal which will reignite the discussion. 

The other part of my plan is about improving my daily living through physio and technology.  I am working with someone who looks at how technology can improve my ability to function independently.   Improving my endurance through physio has enabled me to work in the art studio for longer and still make the social engagements required as an artist. 

I am now getting around my garden independently and not searching for the next post to grab on to.  Physio has definitely enabled me to enjoy being in the garden again.  This makes me feel much more alive and like I am doing something (gardening) for my own well being. I still need my in-home support worker to support me with the potting and moving my pots. 

As you prepare to transfer to the ndis or your next planning meeting think about what you want or what you want for your child. What are the things that could make life easier, more fun or improve independence.  Not everyone is able to live in their own home and not everyone likes gardening.  So what are the things that make you happy and how can the ndis help you to include these things in your life. 

With the ndis life can look bright.

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