Friday, September 2, 2016

Role of a mentor

In my endeavour to help those thinking about joining our Ignite Artists Mentorship program I asked my mentor Nancy Brown to spread a few pearls of wisdom.
"Artist mentoring sessions are aimed to develop an artist's professional practice by giving feedback and practical help with a developing artist's practice. A mentor will gain an overview of the artist's practice and focus, drawing attention to areas where there are professional opportunities, target audience and placement opportunities for the artist's work or services within the broader arts and gallery communities.
Artist mentoring can help move an artist's practice to the next level, presenting work to a wider audience, and adding practical skills to develop and promote work. Consideration is given to the artist's online presence, social media options, and funding opportunities, advice about the presentation of projects, artworks and online presence, and advice about sales and pricing of artworks and services.  A mentor can offer their skills as a practicing artist to the development new work or projects, and can offer encouragement both practical and conceptual to bring work from idea to presentation or exhibition. "

To find out more about Nancy click here.

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