Saturday, September 16, 2017

Life of Sorrow

Yes to Equality
I feel deeply grieved never in my life have I felt so missunderstood. My love and compassion mistaken as bigotry. I am deeply wounded that my words of support and attempts to plea against hate are judge at hate.  What is equality when my believes are invalidate and seen as out of date.  Denied my own religious freedom. Those who want their human rights appear with glee that mine are squashed.  These a people who I support, but at the same time want to hold true to my one personal beliefs.
I am voting YES to give all Australians the same rights under the marriage act.

However for most that is not enough and to the other side I am viewed as a trader. I am commanded by God to love, in the face of hate.  I have lost my right to post on my timeline.  I can not read others posts without profound sadness at the level of lies and hate hurled at those denied their rights wearing scars of wounded life. Our government had no right to put us in this position.  It should have a backbone to change the law.  Church and state are separate. Instead of blaming religion why not blame the government who put us all in that position.
Fear and despair, if I come to despise the world and feel gutted, worthless, out of date and invalided.  I struggle to go on hoping we come out granting EQUALITY.  I would hate to see the YES vote fail and this soul destroying exercise to be in vain. If I who has faith to hold on to feel life in pointless then how many have taken their lives because the don't have my strength?  How much blood do we have on our hands?  How many victims fallen into paralysing depression? And how many people like me fear to have an opinion.
To the PM I hope you are happy will this course of democracy? 
In memory of those who didn't survive the Peaside
and peace to those that do.

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  1. This is very sad Debbie and so much against the teaching of the word of God. They are living in sin, but why do they have to put it under "marriage"? God hates sin, read Romans ch 1 v 26 -28 and Psalm ch 5 v 4-6. If the vote is NO it is still not going to change anything to do with love as they will still continue in sin. If the yes vote gets in, well what is already being taught in school to the little ones will be even worse. The safe school program is already teaching the little ones to make up their own minds if they want to be male or female, also the safe school program teaches them homosexuality.