Friday, May 27, 2016

The NDIS and the challenges before us



This week I've been exploring funding models, opportunities and how the NDIS will change the landscape for artists living with disabilities across Australia, The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme affects me as an individual artists and the Supported Studio Network framework in which I work.
A supported studio engages professional artist by providing space to produce work, support to exhibit the work and opportunities to sell their work. In preparation for the introduction of the NDIS artists living with disabilities need to begin to have discussions with their support circle about their artistic goals. Saying I want to do art will not be enough to ensure you obtain the support you need.
Support Studio Ne1twork recommends you classify what type of artists you are and how you need the NDIA to support you.


  1. Hobbyist/beginner- you wish to pursue art as a hobby or for your own enjoyment. You could do this by asking to attend a day centre with a decatated art program or one on one support to attend an established art group.
  2. Artists in training- someone who is acquiring skills to enable them to become a profession Artists
  3. Emerging Artists - Someone who has completed their training and wants to build their artistic skills. You may chose to join a supported studio to achieve this.
  4. Professional Artists or Arts worker - You've been working in the field for some time.
The NDIS is about you
and what you want to achieve.
The NDIS will not support everyone with a disability or those with tempory disability, mental illness or chronic illness, however the NDIS is not the only way to continue to fund you artistic goals, nor will it cover all your art supplies and training, You will continue to need to apply for individual arts funding to advance your art dreams.
I will address these in upcoming posts.

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