Thursday, October 20, 2016

In quest of transpancy

I remember a teacher in high school saying we get the politician we deserve.  Even back then I remember thinking it was a crack pot statement. What I didn't realise back then was the degree of lobbying and policy research that happens behind the scenes. We only hear the debate that is release in the public domain and that which the media choses to release.  

Lately I've been surprised by the different styles of reporting by the commercial stations and the ABC. Every entity has a political agenda whether they admin it or not.  I no longer view politics as the apparling behaviour the media reports.  The real politics in this country occurs behind close doors, before the parties come out to sell their policies to the Australian public.

I remember not so long a go I felt hopeless about the future of this country,  as if my vote didn't count.  I alone could not change the forces that drive this great nations, basically I realised the media and in particular social media that run the nation. 

The statement my teacher made all those years ago were ringing true.  The majority of Australians are lazy and let the media direct their votes and I was in danger for becoming another member of the mob. Luckily I joined the Leaders for Tomorrow Program which open my eyes to grassroots of politics. Policies are formed at grassroots level and the Every Australian Counts Campaign proved that citizens can challenge government policy and lobby groups can at least hold the parties to be transparent. For too long we have allow ourselves to be spoon feed.

I can work with members of any major party provided I do my home work and read the policy documents. I am struck by may key campaigners who have never sighted a policy document.  We certainly have the policies we deserve. 

I am entitle to ask the hard questions and I am entitled to an honest answer. If I am serious about grassroots politics, I need to do the hard yards and learn the skills of a diplomat.

Recently I joined the Get Up crew, all I want is transparency. 

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