Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Matter of opinon

What does it mean to have an opinion?
In my view an opinion is a belief or conviction. Many of us hold very strong convictions that we a passionate about and these convictions evoke strong emotions and can blur our judgements if not keep in checked.

We can form opinions on all sorts of things from the brand of washing powder we use; to ethics based on religious faith.

Opinions are formed and powerfully used in discussions, writings research and public debate. The are formed as a result of our backgrounds and past experiences and make us who we are as individuals. Their formation may be due to social status, race, religion or political views. Or formed as a result of analysis of the information available to us.

Opinions are not fact.  A fact is something that can be establish as truth by presenting physical evidence. 

Fact: Man has walked on the moon.
Fact: Dorland Trump is the US president

Belief:  Allah is god
Belief: Jesus Christ was both man and god.
Belief: It is best not to eat after 8 pm at night.

Opinion:  Gen Y people are lazy and don't want to work
Opinion:  We should not eat more that 2 pieces of fruit per day.

We use our opinions to discuss and debate with others.  The are also used to persuade or convert others to our way of thinking. To demand another person to accept your opinion as truth is indoctrination.

Everyone is free to express their ideas, beliefs and values without fear of judgement or retaliation. When others are repeatedly slammed for stating a opinion or dismissed as insignificant the this could be considered abusive.

So its all a matter of opinion.    


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