Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Work of Ignite Artists Network

What's been happening?
New Partnerships
Recently we have been supporting FOCAL Community Living and management at Ipswich City Square at the Friday Night Twilight Markets offering a chance for folk to try new art forms and mediums.
The creation of this new market space presence has opened a number of new opportunities for our growing network. . .
In March we commenced a new art group for residents in Redbank. This group meets of Fridays night to catch-up with friends and enjoy being creative.
Here's their first finished works of art. Thanks to our friends at Ipswich Pottery Supplies for joining us last week.  This is a group brimming with ideas... Watch this space for there progress.
Welcome aboard to our new partners PickUp Australia. This is a new transport company meeting the access needs of people living with disability. Recently the began operating in Ipswich and I took a short test drive.  PickUp with be sponsoring a number of arts events to assist in building an inclusive arts communities.
Recent funding applications were unsuccessful. We are currently operating in a user pays system,  group bookings and individual mentorships are available.  We are continuing to apply for funds and we are working towards becoming an NDIS provider.
M A R K E T     N E W S
We are currently on move
Join Booval Fair Twilight Markets on Saturday Nights 5 pm to 9 pm as they introduce there new interactive arts and craft section. We will be at the Markets on 22nd and 29th April and 13th May. You can be part of activities by donation.  Simply pay us what you think the activity is work.  Some come down and have dinner with us and get creative. At the end of this time we will assess our options.
We will also be visiting the Railway Workshop Museums Twilight Markets at North Ipswich on the 21st April.
National Disability Insurance Scheme Update
Ipswich goes online with the ndis on July 1. The ndis is the new way people with disabilities and there families will be supported to best participate in their local communities and beyond.  If you currently are supported through the department of communities you will be contacted and you should be working on you ndis plan your current provider can assist you with this, but the ndis also will send you a template. 
Other people with disabilities should check their eligibility on the ndis website. 
Ipswich NDIS: Hopes and Dreams
Writing you first plan
Your support needs will now be determined by what you what your life to look like; the things you want to do and new things you might like to try.  The National Disability Agency calls these you goals.  The ndis will provide all necessary supports, so you don't need to list getting out of bed in the morning.  These supports are referred to as core supports.  So your plan is not about what you can't do, but the things you want to do and how!
Things to tell the NDIA:
  • What life looks like now: where you live; family, activities and current supports. (Including transport assistance; communication assistance and all equipment as these are now covered in your NDIS package.)
  • Any changes you want to make like accommodation; education and increased independence.
  • How you want you funding package to be managed. See the website for your options.
Offering You More Choices
For now don't worry about what services to use or how many hours you need. Focus on how you want your life to look. What are your hopes and dreams and how can you make them happen?
Be specific - don't put I would like to art.  Tell them what art is to you.  Enjoyment, hobby, work or do you want to sell your art. The tell them the activities this will involve.  Like joining an art group or hosting your own art exhibition.
When in doubt ask somebody to help you and talk to other people for ideas.
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