Thursday, November 2, 2017

The NDIS Rethink

My journey this week has been a little unsettled with last weeks decision to leave my current service provider.  Do I regret this no way! I feel I can now move forward and put my energy into establishing a support team with the skills I want.  Partially self funding means I can engage a geriatric service such as the Walsh Home Services team.   

This means the family will be doing odd jobs that I am unable to do because of my disability, such as gardening and sewing. Skill I not been able to source through a support agency. Hoorey!!!!

The family will support me to bring my art exhibition together and create my new garden.  So today I feel I have rolled forward 'towards Independence' this is the name I will be engaging a number of services through to allow me to live my best life.   

To get the ball rolling I met with a friend yesterday who is already employing her own team.  However my friend is a much more direct and up front person who tells it like it is.  As my friend is also employed by the ndis, she explained I can use some of my compasity funding to up skill. This could be use for some assertiveness training or conflict management skill. So I am now pretty excited about the next chapter in my ndis journey.

These are skills I can also use in the management of the art programs at Ignite Artists and and exhibition I am assisting arts connect to coordinate late 2018.  I have engage a interim service provide until  I can establish and train Team Deb!

Until people with disabilities, their families and carers demand a better deal and tell services to pick up their game, then we will continue to receive meadoka. Even through you need the service and the government is paying the bills you still have a right to a quality service that meets you needs.  

If you experience difficulties advocating for yourself or family you have every right to ask for assistance.  This could come through a family friend, an informal support person (my gp provides so assistance); your Local Area Coordinator (unless that is the person you are having difficult with.)  Careers Queensland, Queensland Advocacy or your local MP.  Remember you have the right to appeal and decision made by the ndia. So speak up!

This week me supports have supported in the Ipswich community by doing a rock drop for Ipswich Rocks, a fun way to engage in the Ipswich community, grow networks and make friends.  I dropped these rocks on behalf of Ignite Artists just before the Halloween Street Party on Saturday Night.   

After I meet with local artist who have had their artwork touring with Flying Arts - Colours of Queensland art exhibition during 2017.  The exhibition is currently house at the Ipswich Community Gallery and worth a look.

So just remember its ok to rethink your ndis supports at anytime a practise speaking up for yourself. 

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