Monday, November 20, 2017

Towards 2018

This year I been exploring new mediums.  I have been using inktense pencils and fabric paints to create patterns and images on fabric.  I see the role of all artists as being the conscience voice of society.

In February 2018 Drawing Point Gallery will house my "Into the melting pot" exhibition.  I have created art dolls to represent various groups that make up our community.  I believe each member of the community has something to contribute to the fabric of life. 

Based on the assumption we fear what we do not know, or where don't engage with others for fear of saying the wrong thing. Our knowledge and understanding of other cultures, religious and personal beliefs,customers and celebrations; as well as those who experience disability are what will enable us to tear down the barriers between us.

The road towards inclusion is not just about addressing physical and attitudinal barriers, but looking at ways to embrace our individually and share in humanity.

'None of us is right nor wrong.
Rather each of us offers lessons
to humanity in order to 
understand our community as a collective."     

Friends in the Garden of Life
Mixed Media "20 x "20

Created for Aspire Gallery

Fabrics on each doll and garden bed were created during 2017
and transferred into clothing for me art dolls

My Towards 2018 is obviously my exhibition on the 'Horizons'

Mixed Meds
20" x 20"

Created for Aspire Gallery 


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