Saturday, December 2, 2017

International Day For People With Disabilities

Is not really about disability at all.  What is actually being celebrated is the achievement of Australians and all people with disabilities around the world.  Some of these people will be well known but most are ordinary Australians living with the daily challenges of disability.  By highlighting the achievements of these Australians we are raising the awareness of disabilities.

Disability occurs when the structures we have created by society restrict the activities of individuals who have some type of impairment.  The level of disability encountered by a person is dependent on the barriers society has place in their path.  Impairments people experience may be physical, intellectual, learning, behavioural, sensory, neurological or psychological.  Not all disabilities are visible.

By using IDPWD to highlight the talents and achievements of people with disabilities we are showcasing to the general community how people with disability contributed to their local community and the economy.

Today the annual 'Gifted Exhibition' opened at the Drawing Point Gallery.  This is the third year I have had the privilege of being part of this annual event on the Ipswich calendar. I am now a reconginized artists in the Ipswich. My work is distinctive not due to my disability, but the colours I use and the appears of colours. 

A fellow colleague, Judith Baker likes to point out that 'once her art is hanging on a gallery wall, her disability becomes invisible.'

On December 3rd, come help celebrate the achievements of those living with disability.

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