Saturday, March 24, 2018

Why is the world turning purple?

Tomorrow is Purple Day!

International Purple Day raises awareness of epilepsy and seizure disorders. Despite being the world's most common neurological disorder, epilepsy still lurks in the shadow and those with the conditions are still afraid to tell others of the condition.  I like to tell others that is not my CP that disables me, but the stigma around epilepsy and its unpredictability.

My first purple day 6 years ago!

This is the first time in six years I've not hosted my own purple day event.  This year I am one of many artists around Austarlia involved in a Art 4 Epilepsy fundraiser. 

I find it amassing that Purple Day was founded by a 12 year old school girl who asked the class mates to ware purple to stand out with her.  They did in fact her whole community did!  My first purple day six year ago, in Ipswich no one had even heard of purple day, tomorrow night the Ipswich City Council is paying to light the Civic Centre purple, Casidy is proof the one person can bring change to the world.

Purple Day 2017!

I'll be wearing purple tomorrow with Casidy!  

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