Sunday, July 29, 2018

ndis beginning to motor on

Hi, for those who are new to my blog, my name is Deb and my ndis goals are based around, extending my visual art practice; self- managing and self-directing my own supports; maintaining my independence and working towards an inclusive art community in Ipswich.                                                                                                         
Ndis was designed to enable people with disabilities to participate in the larger community. For me that is around art and exhibiting my work in order to sell it.  I do this through working with art galleries; belonging to Ipswich Arts Connect and Arts Access Australia; and selling my artwork on Etsy.

I am a member of Aspire Gallery
Here I am at our Printmaking Group Exhibition

Some of my direct support hours are used to help me network with other artists; attend openings of art exhibitions; work with gallery directors and owners; produce artwork to sell and photograph my work for my portfolio. 

The ndis funds supports that are 'reasonable and nescessary' to allow participants to achieve their nominated goals.  These supports can include: direct support in home and in the community; respite care; centre-based support; daily living skills; equipment, assisted technology and modifications, consumables related to your supports and disabilities; e.g. new tyres for your wheelchair; therapy to enhance your independence and assistance to manage your funding.

What this looks like for you will depend on: you age; your accommodation arrangements; how you need support; your current support network; and your ndis goals.  The ndis is about delivering an individual response to the support needs of families and individuals. 

Working in my art studio and exploring "pop-art"

Like many others I too have struggled with the start-up with ndis.  In late June I entered into my second year plan which saw me redefine my goals and add building my own team of support workers. After many years of struggling to fit the traditional support model, I have been able to step away and create my own team and choose the services I want to access.

For a scheme designed to improve community access, the ndis has a few access issues of its own.  If you are struggling to find your ndis pathways, may I recommend calling or visiting your local area office and networking with others who are also struggling to access the scheme.  As a participant I am regularly providing feedback to the ndia to improve the access process for others.  At the end of the day, the ndis is run by a group of individuals who sometimes make mistakes. Don't take this personally, but feel confident in asking for reviews when appropriate.

Many are experiencing long delays in reviews, access services and equipment. In my first plan I wanted a wheelchair to cater for my work in the community.  This was not achieved due to an overloaded system and a shortage of qualified staff to process the applications. Along with my second year plan I received a give cause for what I asked for as it was not 'reasonable and necessary'.  The nids has approved my chair, but dispute many of the access requirements, many of which relate to my seizures and safety.  My therapist has included my seizure management plan, a reminder of post seizure care and has referred them back to my ndis goals to work in the arts community. I do not know how long this review will take.

However, this week my new moter for my existing chair arrived and I am all set to attend FUSED festival running from the 7th to 9th September.  Well . . . there's a few more art pieces to create before them. I will also have an art display of my "POP ART" at Arttime's front of store during September, but I feel peaceful knowing I have the correct supports in place, including a reliable support team.  

''Roger" is actually my piece for Arts From the Margins'
Exhibition as part of the Brisbane Festival.

The ndis may still deliver on what it promised.  The key is to be clear on your own goals and how you and your family want to achieve these.  Exercise your right for your access needs to be addressed. Remember people make errors and your local area coordinator (LAC) may not be to blame or be prepared.  Those with forward planning are the most satisfied with their outcomes. 

Well I am off to zoom into festival season 2018!

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