Thursday, July 12, 2018

ndis on the merry-go-round

Hiding Ipswich Rocks in Browns Park.

Old fashioned 'merry-go-rounds' were banned from playgrounds for a good reason, they were dangerous and not accessible for people with disability.  Yet all levels of government applaud the introduction of the ndis time consuming endless hoops. 

This week after 3 months to get a quote and report to the ndis for a new powerchair, six months waiting for a decision, old chair could die any day, repairs quote submitted 3 months ago.  This week was spent trying to access a document about myself and why the ndia wants more information.  Well its Friday and I am still waiting for an appointment, because I need to prove I can pay a provider to write a report requested by the ndis.

In September I have a 3 day art festival, I am told my new chair could be up to six months away.  I have been told the money is there to repair my chair, but because that it is not worded on my plan I can not order the parts.  My Plan Manager will not action the repairs. My last option is to hire a chair for the event. When I attempted to do this the retailer said they doubted I could afford the Bond and refused to provide further information. 

So I am praying my old chair holds out even through 3 months ago I was told the moter had 3 to 4 months life.  Please tell me why I have not been proactive in avoiding this event.  ndis was designed to increase participation.  Navigating a simple purchase or repair is impossible. Once my current chair dies I need to either push my manual chair (I paid for not the government) or walk.  This use of energy will effectively lock me out of the community until the ndis delivers a new power chair. 

However, ask anyone who works in the disability sector, due to my disability I do not need to work, I therefore am at home to receive their service at a time they choose and they may or may not show up and I'll discover it when it occurs.  As I'll be home anyway, so what's the big deal?

So please don't ask how my week was or where my new chair is or how I managed to deliver my work to the gallery on time for the exhibition next week.

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