Sunday, August 4, 2013



Welcome to the desk and den of Doodles & Dribble. If at anytime during your visit you have any questions, just like when you're in a regular store and you can't find the dress you like in your size you can ask the sales assistance. So if you like what you see while your surfing around my virtual story could you invite your friends and family to come and take a look too.

For all my undertakings as a author and artist you can visit my Doodles and Dribble Facebook Page and on the tool bar on your right you'll find links to my blogs where you can find out more about my wanderings and adventures. I am still setting up shop so the checkout still not quite operating and I've still got my stoke to upload so if you like something  ask the sales assistance.

Just arrived!
$ 50 AU once framed
Postage, handling and insurance not included.

Meantime enjoy and call again soon  

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