Thursday, June 16, 2016

Arts Funding

Many people may be unconcern about cuts to the arts, and affect on our economy. The two seem distinctly unrelated. Firstly, as an artist and an arts worker whose main income is derived  from arts funding let me declare my biases. Then let me assure you, my DSP puts food on the table and pays my rent. 

As the founder of ArtISability, my interest in the arts is around connecting people. Art has this magical power to connect people and bring them together.  Art breaks down social barriers and communicates to us all. It weaves the fabric of society together: connecting the young and the old; different cultures and religious beliefs. Breathing opportunity for discussion and healthily debate via capturing differ views and objectives - sometimes without the utterance of words. 

Art speaks when we as a society are speechless. When we hurt it gives expression and provides healing. It gives us reason to smile, laugh and to dance, art gives colour to an otherwise grey world.  Art breaths life into our communities and the for economy. 

So let me take this opportunity to open your eyes to see what types of activities arts sector funding supports . . . Television, film, actors, producers, directors, screenwriters and production companies . . . Theatre, dance, performance, music, composes, song writers, musicians, clowns, comedy and drama. Box office, ticket tech, technicians, directors and cleaners . . . Our comics, story tellers, illustrators, scriptwriters, photographers. . . It bring design, colour and beauty to our homes, decorates the walls of our offices, hangs on the walls of our galleries and places of worship and its colours and picture bring life to old buildings. . . It educates our children before the start school, and prevents memory loss as we age. . . Creates  design for our clothing and decor. . . employment opportunities spills from the arts across tourism, leisure and retail.

It is a major contributor to employment and the economy. To promote the arts and invest in job growths in new industries and technologies. Why politicians view art  as a luxury we can not long afford and fail to acknowledge the stimulus in the economy I do not know. 

The arts belongs on the election agenda  cuts to art funding hurts you the general public than it does me as an artists.

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