Thursday, June 2, 2016

Telling My Story

Woven Fabric

My name is Deb and my artistic vision is to enable everyone to participate in my local arts community. My goal is to build an inclusive art community, using art to change the world one person at a time.

Art has the ability to transform and unite people from every sector of the community. In one way or another our lives involve art.  We make it, we watch others make it or we enjoy the completed product. From film to the stage or popping up on our streets. Life without art is unimaginable.

So why describe myself as woven fabric?  My creative being is the result of the people who have become part of my life and hence part of who I am as an artist. Just as I am woven by others I am continuing to weave my local arts community together.

My art journey began as a poet. Like most people art feeds my soul.  A few books later I discover being a writer is bloody hard work and my creativity differs.  My passion is really about connecting people with disabilities to their community. Art heals me but its not a tool I use to heal others.  It is my connection point to many different people in my community.

I am now working as a professional artists and arts worker. My begins as a writer have contributed to my success in writing grants. Despite my claims about founding ArtISability by accident, I work harder as a arts worker, than every before, but I am sustained by my passion to build an inclusive community one person at a  time.  

I have just returned from state hoping, It was during this trip I saw the value of telling our stories. I am not well pay as an artist, although my sales continue to build and I sold six pieces of work at my first exhibition and while away I had a digital art display in Sydney, through Off The Wall Gallery.

My next exhibition is in three weeks time.

My travels and studies at Brisbane Institute of Art are funded through funding I apply for to run my ArtISability Program or Leadership development grants.  These grants have come through The Leaders For Tomorrow Program, Arts Access Australia, Access Arts, Arts Queensland and the Ipswich City Council. I believe my community supports me because I am passionate about support my local art community and other artists living with disabilities, My recent trip was payed for by CRU or the Community Resource Unit.

My travels were part of my wider work on the National Support Studio Network. Equipping Studios to work alongside artists with disabilities to develop and sell their work. While I immensely enjoy creating art, I create as a professional artist and my latest sale was at the Brisbane Rotary Art Specular on Tuesday Night. 

If you want to know more about my woven fabric journey, attend my exhibitions or support my ArtISability project use my contact form. I hope our paths entwine soon. 


  1. good reading Debbie. Glad it is going well.

    1. Thanks Sharon, I've been meaning to touch base with you. Thank you for encouraging me to study art. As you can see my work continues to improve. I am so grateful I've found my passion.