Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ignite Artists

I am developing a new network for artists in Ipswich not to replace existing 'informal networks', but to sit beside they and provide professional support services to the arts community. I see my role as providing a mentoring service for artists; accessing issues to training for artists and inclusion for artists living with disability and mental illness; providing peer support for artists living with disability through the QDN peer support group in Ipswich; and assistance to artists with disabilities in writing their NDIS goals and plans.

I will be available at the Fresh Futures Market on 7th September for 9 am to 1 pm, at the Ipswich Show Grounds. With information and our booklet "My Art, My Way" - a guide to the NDIS and application forms for our 2017 Mentorship program.

The network will begin very small to ensure quality service from day 1 and sustainability long term.  We are hoping to provide a no. of formal mentoring places in 2017.

Mentoring involves the process of guiding a person through the process of developing their art practise and is always one to one.  A mentorship is directed by the participant in the program not the mentor. Activities that may be undertaken (but not exclusive too) are:

  • The development of new work
  • Planning an exhibition
  • Collaborative work practises
  • Working toward inclusive communities
  • Business Planning and development
  • Development of professional skills required for art practise, including CV writing, grant writing, online profile, and market establishment.'
  • Planning, development and writing workshops and their delivery.

Out 2017 Mentorship Program is for establish artists wanting to extend their skills as an art practitioner. Once established a range of other mentorships will be offered. There are no up front fees for our 2017 program, however there is a requirement that artists participant in the planning and running of workshops; mentoring other artists or negotiate other means of contributing to the growth of the network e.g. fundraising activities.

Our suggested structure for the mentorship is:-

  • A total of 32 weeks one to one mentoring with the number of hours per week to be determined by the two parties.
  • A commitment to contribute to art retreat run by Ignite Artists Network including running workshops in return for free mentorship.
  • Mentoring another artists for a period of 32 weeks one to one mentoring with the number of hours per week to be determined by the two parties.
These activities are introduce in six month intervals and were appropriate amendment will be approved. 

Costs cover by Ignite Artists

  • Mentorship Fees
  • Travel or mentors
  • Accommodation at retreats
We will not cover:-
  • Mentors preparation time
  • Mentorship being returned in-kind by participants 
  • Art supplies used in individual art practise by either party
  • Transport of mentees
  • Excursions 
  • Fees associated with participants art practise e.g. Gallery and studio hirer.
  • Professional membership fees
Mentors will be matched to successful participants in the program. Mentors must have a current professional practise that has been in operation for 5 or more years and/or 5 years teaching experience. In addition to this be able to demonstrate a commitment to the overall development of the Ipswich arts community.  Please note mentors working with artists with disabilities will need to apply for a blue card.

Eligible applicants to supply mentorships can send us their cv; including online links to their arts practise and quote for fees.

Artists living with disabilities and mentor illness are encourage to apply using alternative for matts such as video, we are happy to assist with voice overs or captions where a support person can provide our technical with a script.  Alternative presentations should include topics set out in application forms. email us for application details.

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