Monday, August 29, 2016

Why should you consider having a mentor?

Many professionals seek out coaches and mentors in their professional life as they develop their practise. By developing your arts based practise you are becoming self-employed. Many artists make the mistake of selling there work at low prices. 

The arts industry is a tough one and few artists are able to sustain themselves on their art sales alone.  Like every other industry, the arts is govern by its own code of practise. I also found learning to navigate the different galleries difficult.  There is much to learn.

Where to make your point of sale is another pivotal point in establishing your practise.  To some extent your point of sale will depend on the art products you are producing.  A mentor can assist you to think through the various layers involved in establishing your practise and their there to support you when things don't quite go the way you hope.

A artistic mentor is not so much of a teacher as an advisor.  Those seeking a mentor should already have an art practise under development.  Or course using and artistic mentor means they can help you refine your skills and established sound practise in your studio.

Our 2017 Mentoring Program

So what types of activities could a mentor assist me with? 

  • Defining your art practise and setting up your art studio
  • Creating a body of work for exhibition
  • Entering work into competition
  • Developing a business plan, cv and portfolio
  • Working with galleries
  • Learning about the arts industry's code of practise
  • Grant writing
  • Ways to fund your arts practise
  • Defining your sales point
  • Using social media to promote your work
  • Business set up
  • Developing your artist network and linking you in to the local arts community.
Once we have our list of finalist for the program we will be doing to things:
  • Look for a mentor who can best assist the applicants to achieve their nominated outcome.
  • Using the applicants cv to apply for funding
The shape of our mentorship program will be driven by the participants.  At this point of our development we are not yet seeking to offer workshops and classes.  We are keen to established a sound foundation for the network.

If you would like to know more about mentoring or becoming a mentor you are welcome to attend our FREE information session on 15th September @ 5:30 pm at the coffee shop at Arttime Supplies 203 Brisbane St, Ipswich.

Please let us know if your attending by 14 Sept.  You can email us for more information.

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