Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Role Of A Mentor

Mentoring Program

A mentor is a teacher, coach and cheerleader all rolled in to one. Our 2017 mentorships problem allows participants to determine their own outcomes.

These outcomes may include:
  • Learning new artistic skills
  • Producing a body of artwork
  • Working Collaboratively
  • Working towards an art exhibition
  • Marketing
  • Developing on line marketing skills.

Our first step in matching the participants to the right mentor to enable them to achieve their goals is to determine who will receive places in our program. Once places are determine a panel, is in place to identify potential mentors.

If you are interested in growing as a visual artists, are already practising at professional level (ie have sold artwork) and live in Ipswich you are eligible to apply for our 2017 program. 

We are also accepting CV's for those interested in mentoring.  Our minimum requirement is been practicing for 5 years and/or 5 years teaching experience.

If we find a match for your skills you will be offered an interview to ensure you are a good match to the participant you work with.

Or you may like to apply for the program in view to mentoring in the next program intake.

There are no up front fees. Initial mentors will charge Ignite Artists an hourly rate.  You will then be required to repay costs, through mentoring others, fundraise or other volunteer work with us.

Please email us for more information or an application form. Applicant's may use alterative format for applications.

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